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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Well many years back, there occured an incident known as Dumdum's DAWAI!! In the markets of Dumdum prices of everything were everyday touching a new upper sphere of the space. One morning in the market the common men became so agitated, that they took butchers and knives and started striking anyone and everyone of the vendors. Many people died, many injured but ever since every market in Kolkata have a fixed rate for every good. Any vendor who puts irrational price tag on his products are simply thrown out of the market. This rule is made by the market commitee itself.

As the election is approaching and in many places it has already been conducted, I feel we need a similar Dumdum DAWAI incident should occur all over the india. We have morale police, to harass and punish simple helpless college goers for celebrating Love!! Why cant we have a morale police to punish the officers in Govt. offices who charges a cup of tea to ten thousand rupees for moving a file from one table to another? We have retired people, who finds it really unacceptable to see boys and gals holding hands in public parks. Why dont they find it unacceptable when they themselves find it difficult to get thier pension formalities not done for years. Because its easy to harass people, who are easy preys. Why dont they find it unacceptable, when in the darkness of night commercial sex workers stands or lures passer bys even in residential areas? Because they know, the police are involved, the leading party is involved and so they dont want to mess. Why doesnt anyone come up, when everyday domestic violence in increasing. Why do they think, its thier personal matter and no body have anything to say, when a man thrashes his wife?? People who dnt know a single C about our Culture, are talking about protecting it. Leave OUR Culture, they even cant give a proper definition of culture. If they knew, they should have known that culture keeps on changing with time, the change is its essence. Culture is a habit practiced over time immorable. And when some habits seems inappropiate, they become exticnt.
Why cant we have groups of common people in the name of morale police, who feels enough is enough!! We need youths to fight back for everyday injustice, other than thinking about their damn careers of licking the Capitalist pie and earning dollars. Who can recieve the complaints of the common people, and conduct sting operations on thier own to verify the truth, and strike back or give them some Gangajal affect(Gangajal is a recent movie, where the public after tolerating for years,realises that the Govt. or police just cant give the wrong doers thier deserved punishment,and so they take the inciative and catches the criminals and throws acid on the anti socials). No police, no prosecution, no hearing. Only ACTION. Or I think, we need a bunch of Shahenshah, Shaktimaan,Spiderman, Batman kind of characters, who can just deliver DAWAI to the deserving people.