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Monday, May 30, 2016

Notes to myself 1

Have been thinking for long, to start writing again...m full of sarcasm these days. scarred humorous people tend to turn scornfully sarcastic it seems. But a senior of mine repeatedly insisted me to start writing again. And here I go :) straight from Hyderabad.

30/5/2016- Learning: it so happened, Hyderabad is sultry hot and painfully Humid at night, Like all anti environmentalist, I have become a pollutant producer and hence an air conditioner Addict (I try to abstain from all kinds of addiction, but this luxury has really caught me. I feel guilty adding to the CO2 emission,..but I feel ashamed not able to arrange pne for my sick mother, who has to suffer really hot summers of 2012, I was 28 then,, I could have highly arranged it for one. I am ashamed! thats all I can say.)   
Anyway, getting back to the topic, I am currently at my sister's place, who seems to have an old Air cooler which didnt seem to be working fine. And I am having sleepless nights, which mostly ends up in the uncomfortable swing at the veranda admist the mosquitoes but the only solace is the cool breeze.
I am already here for 7 days and need to stay for 7 more, so..I thought to myself, enough is enough I decided check in the youtube and do the servicing on my own. I asked the maid for the tool box and as per the instruction in youtube, took out all the screws, cleaned the the tank, etc, etc,
And when I switched it on, I found OOoops! cooler had a nob for cooling which was off all through out, it was only the blower fan, which was working and not the cooling part!!
If I had cared to look at it first, it would have saved a hell lot of my time and energy.

Moral of the story: Thinking fast is fine, but jumping procedure isnt. Nothing can beat being thorough. Especially for gadgets, look for the apparent problem and then care to open the parts. 


31/5/2016- Life's not about how hard of a hit u can give, its about how many you can take and still keep moving forward. - Rocky Balboa
I had hit him with my hardest blow, he didnt shy to give me his best shot either. So, we are now equal. But the power lies in moving forward, I must admit he had out run me on that, but theres no harm in being inspired and following a winner. ;-) thanking you for showing the path!