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Sunday, September 27, 2009

ASHTAMI MIDNYT'S dream.........!!

I am still in a state of disbelief that I actually did this……last night….at around 1am I went to hop around the Pandals & then came back at 4:30am. Kolkata was not Kolkata yesterday night it had turned into a city of Fairs, Crackers, Colors, Light, Merriment…and indeed a city of Joy. I could see weary faces drenched with sweat & exhausted but strangely people from six to sixty there was a smile fixed with Fevicol in everyone’s face….Because its DURGOTSAV here!
I had a bitter experience in my childhood while hopping around pandals I got stuck in the crowd
and the force of it was killing. It was suffocating, I don’t remember how did I come out, but it was enough for me to decide never to go for such a mis-adventure!
But a big thanx to my so called enemy who cared to take me to Pandal hopping and crushed my misconception with my stiletto heels about Puja outings! It was really really fun!! Even though I was physically exhausted but mentally I was bubbling like a champagne! I was just simply not willing to go back home! Just imagine people at 3'o clock in the morning having Chaat, Phucka, Aloo Kabli, Roll, Moghlai.....and riding joy rides n Giant wheels etc. ......God!! baache budhe sab, "Sab" kha rahein the....
I had the idea, that one should hire a car or have a two wheeler to roam around. But trust me all u need is a guide or a person who knows the place well.........I was surprised when my companion said lets take a bus...I was awestruck to see there were full on bus services all night. I knew about whole night availability of metro rail...but about the buses, I was...??? The streets appeared like it does in any week day in peak office hours...the sergeants were busy controlling the traffic and barring erratic drivers from using no-entry roads!!
There were People who were wearing sports shoes with Kurta and they know they might have to keep walking for 5-6 hours! I was surprised to see their enthusiasm...and thot oh God what an idiot I am, missed all these fun for all these years...........Bheed thelay j ki anondo!! ;P (its fun pushing along the crowd).
I could just never realize that it would b so much exciting...even I had the desire to dive into the bizarre of having Aloo-Kabli at 3pm but then dropped the idea as my companion wasnt thrilled about it! :P
All I know pple go crazy during Durga puja........and this time even I drenched myself in the rain of that over excitement which one should experience once in their life..all u need is a comfrotable shoe and a good guide who knows the routes well........(I wish everyone have a foe like d oneI have!) ;-p

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I have done a very difficult task few days back! I have forgiven some one, which is actually very odd in my case, coz am unbelievably vindictive! But after doing that, it seems i was holding a big stupid file in my shelf which consumed too much space! I am not feeling good neither very relaxed, The moment I told him, I forgive u for all that u did to me, I felt so disassociated with him, as if then and there we became strangers! As if nothing can effect me about him!
We had a long two hours conversation where we discussed about the ppl who contibuted to our soured relationship! As if we were re-reading an old suspense thriller, we both know about the murder(s) just forgot a few pages or lines and just discussing them now....all futile!
He was a very old chum of mine, we were so close, and then things were messed up!I met him after long 4.6 years........ Initially the conversation was difficult to take off, then it was cool.......but once I uttered the words I forgive u..I could visiualise, as if he is moving far far far away from me and merging with the horizon!

New dimension of male dominance!

Aha!! got a new theory of my classmate bought a saree for his mom(puja shopping), he took an extra step to buy matching essential accessories with it! I was happy to know that he is so caring and warm to do such a sweet thing!! Then I asked him about the color and he said its of light beige shade. I knew he is from a small town, where people usually prefer wearing brighter shades(i dont mean loud)..I asked him, why did u go for that color? He replied, coz his mom is quite old, I was just curious to know her age. To my shock he said she is 40-43 years........!!Oh my GODDDD!!!.....I said 43 is not an age to wear a beige saree!! Now he bombarded me with his strange it goes, He is having an affair and he wants to get married by next 3 years, and he wont like, if his mom wears a bright saree, like his wife! His exact lines were, "cheler bou'er samne deep rong pora seta ki manansoi hobe?" I just cudnt believe my ears.......I just got so irritated that I wanted to argue with him.......but then i thot theres no point!!

Men will always be men!...Pehle, Baap ki suno, phir bhai bara ho to uski suno, phir pati ki aur sasural walon ki suno, then phir BETE ki suno!! This is a vicious cycle....All u have to do is iski uski sunte hi jaao!!..........
I am still feeling so disgusted!! I beleive we women bring all these problems to ourself by just being submissive!
I believe, m blessed, as almost never had to go through all these, my sister had some inconvenience but I was always lucky to get away from all these! And I believe now my frend and family understands that I am fully aware, where what to wear and what to do and say...!! Uuff!!.........Thank u God!

Monday, September 7, 2009

The PINK stole in the GREEN hills!

Its raining incessantly for the last three days....its irritating, sloggy, muddy, gloomy boring all around!! :( I am hating this Shohure brishti (rain in the cities)..I remember when we were in Shillong, it used to rain any time and everytime of the year, but i liked everything about it!! even though I was a kid and never allowed to go out n play....but it was a pleasure watching the rain!

For the last few days , it seems am physically present in this city of Joy(kana cheler naam padma lochon) but my mind is flying high with the moisten winds of some hills...far far away from the city...I can feel the cloudlets passing by, I can percieve the deep green hill tops, playing peek a boo with the veil of fog and clouds! And I am...running along the twisted trailing roads wearing a bright pink stole!!

I feel I dont belong to this city....I never did! People say life is gloomy and boring in the hills, theres no life! I wanna question them, then where is life? Is it in the hypocrate hussle bustle or aritificial trance of discotheques or in the tall skyscrappers standing amidst the pollution or in the glowing billboards of the malls?? or in some resort, whose land has been snatched from some poor farmers? Its like laughing aloud in a laughing club!! where all are laughing with no meaning, but to save our physical heart!!....

But, people who have seen cheerful school going children of the hills, untouched from the corruption of the advanced world, waving at every passer by with a smile.......and have felt why do they do so...will never have to attend a laughing club!

"For often, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon THAT INWARD EYE
And then my heart with pleasure fills
And dances with the daffodils." (Wordsworth's Daffodils)