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Monday, December 27, 2010

Lil' butterfly

Have seen a little yellow butterfly.....on the land of ashes of some small brick factory....on which little bushes struggled to grow and came out successfully with green new leaves....where the grass...spread its network...beneath the grey....popped its green leaves scattered with gay! I have perceived it on a sunny lazy afternoon n within a sec it turned into a boon....sitting on canopied ridge by the river of purity a glimpse of my past appeared in clarity !!
It sent me to my old lost school.....
Up at the hills of Masimpur.........
where we used to have our lunch sitting on a big green meadow surrounded by lil' butterflies!!
where sometimes they innocently entered into the classes of strict teachers....and all our eyes and mind hovered with them for some moments before the teacher brought back us into the lesson!!
I lived a few moments of my past.....a few moment of peace....way back into that school which is up at the hill!