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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Can we love two persons at a time? If love is immortal and eternal, then how can we love someone else after loving someone for years? Are we like machines, shift+delete (thanx newt!) and the file is deleted forever...and if the files are not deleted then wont it like not loving someone with ALLLL... we have? or is it like loving our school and college...however bad incidents/fights/jealousy might have happened but we all love our school, our college. Same with our family, our parents.....but still we manage to love so many things........its like God has put so much of love in us. But with ALLL.... can we really love someone? So, it is obvious we can love two persons at a time... there can be a moment when one realise that with both these men/women s/he can spend all his/her life with comfort?? But if one really gets someone whom s/he can love with all have...which is actually the true essence of love then s/he will never have to love anyone will make his/her life complete...its just like a perfect fit in a jigsaw puzzle...!! Till then keep on enjoying the apparently fitting ones...wink!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Hey! last night I wrote about the scores in school report cards, and this evening I got an answer. It seems, new age mummys are smart....lemme quote the converstion i heard between a mom and her 7 years old son." Maa I stood second, not bad,say! There is only one guy before me. Dear dont think that way, who is before u...never do even care who scored how much. Just think about the target u wanted to achieve, lets calculate, u r 27 marks behind ur target of 75%, i know the question paper was difficult, but 27 marks is nothing if u were a bit more serious & a bit more of your effort n u could have achieved it!" I was surprised...these are all my words....i smiled at the lady and said, your thoughts are really good, u r actually helping him to set his own targets other than, pushing him into the rat race...... I was smiling again & again at the lady...i just could not believe, wat all i did hear. Over hearing this 5mins conversation actually made my day. I was happy to see things are changing,.... I just talked about sumthing serious yesterday, and this evening I was at ease wont u call it mysteries of life?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

How much good scores in school matter?

I never scored better, nor did i ever try to...i know, am not a big shot. But thats not any of the reason. Thankfully, i took a decision, a very firm one must say, that i will not mug up, each and every thing in the syllabus. I will study only those I like, rest of them I will just go through once. I will set up my own targets and that definitely should not be any of my classmates aggregate scores. Many of my close ones tried to provoke me about my best and good frens, "see how much they can score, why cant you?" Thats the most familiar statement, which echos to our mind, when we just think about school time results. I promised to myself, I will be happy, with watever my children will score. If they have potentials, I will at best, push them a bit to set up, a 70% target and maintain the standards. It should not matter, how much did the first boy/girl scored. Dont we realise that knowing 70% of any class syllabus is enough for any one, we are not going to remember even 20-30% of the things, as they are not gonna be that useful to our daily/proffessional life. Then why do we really have to eat up thier mind and push them for each and everything.

People now send thier children to school as soon as they turn 2 years. And call it a play school, funny, rt?...and then there is bag, much heavier than thier weight can carry. Too many subjects, and not surprisingly, boringly strict teachers, who actually couldnt do much in thier life, but wants all thier students to be stars.

Now the question is even after this so called glaobalised educational system, why we dont get any (forget many)Eintiens & Newton these days. The answer is simple, because both of them failed too many times in thier school life. Now a days u just cant afford to do so!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Reason behind being pink!

Just , wondering why did i actually choose this color.. may b i want all our blues to be bleached into pink!

A good gesture to something new and good, I guess!!

Now as things have turned pink, let me add more crimson blush to it. The most memorable, moment of my life. When I had many reasons to b upset, grumpy,angry, felt as if the whole world has turned hostile to me. I sat on a high rock, from where a large skyscape can be experienced (which has become a rare sight due to huge sky scrappers all around us ), it was actually the terrace of the hotel at mount Abu, where we stayed for three days as we there for our excursion (supposed to b educational) just like QSQT. I gazed and gazed at the evening sky and all of a sudden felt as if I was in a bubble, and some one blew it high up on the sky, and am just floating on the will of the wind. Rainbow colours reflected on the transparent walls of my carriage..and i could see from the space, all good creations of nature, the bad couldnt touch me as if i was sitting on a vice resistant jelly! And then I felt so happy and elated that after the trip, I was rated as the happiest soul on the excursion by a teacher and many of my frens. Later many other teachers were also informed about it, (teachers room discussion, i guess)and they congratulated me. Its more than fours years now, but the stories of my happy spirit are still recalled by that teacher and my frens in any gathering. I still have, preserved the testimonials my fren gave me, while returning from the trip.
I have told about the incident behind the happy spirit to a few of my closeones, but they all came up with similar answer, "either i was drunk or in love"! Niether of them actually happened. I was just simply happy!! and that was enuf a reason to be euphoric!...will someday like to go back to that rock , to reveal the incognito of that piece of my life!!