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Monday, December 15, 2008


Do v ever lose love, can v ever? how can v lose sumthng as eternal as soul as obvious as emotions. Its like, if v believe in Buddhism or Hinduism. For Buddha everything is momentary bt continuous. every dying moment provides fuel for the preceeding moment. they can b connected but not eternal.

Yes its true, we say we have lost sumthing when its not with us. But does the same theory apply to LOVE? For me NO. Love is about loving n not holding sumthing, close to ur heart! I came across a show piece in a showroom and instantly fell in love. Okie, not satisfied?? Well i meet someone somewhere and after repeated interaction realised he is the man I was looking for all my life.The man seems good to me and interested too, and after a while things doesnt work out. But even when I dint know if the man loves me or not I started loving him.

Now if my love for some reason cannot stay with me, physically and emotionally. For eg., if the person dies, then? shall I loose my love? Or if my love leaves me for some other woman, shall I loose my love. In the 2nd case, most of us will accuse the person for adultry /double timing etc and will cry, brood and miss the person. And in the 1st instance we will just shed tears and miss the person. If we deeply look into the mater in both the cases the Love is not there with me. Under both the instances I m alone. But in the 2nd case there is a presence of an oppurtunity to blame someonelse, which we all invariably love to do.

For me in both the cases I didnt lose my love! Because my love is unconditional and shall not depend totally on his behavior or reaction towards me. For me Love is not a person, its a painting with different colors of emotion and I know how to respect and protect that. I never regret for loving anyone, be it frens, teachers, family......even though our relationship sours for some other reasons/due to physical or mental distance/adjustment probs. I cannot continue to b in terms/good terms wid them. But my love/emotions for them were & are always pure.

I never Lost ppl I love. They were n are always with me. Though I cant c/meet/share things with them always. Keu boltei parey eta amar mithye protisruti....tai jodi hoy? hok na , aami to besh bhaloi aachi!! Ami kono jinis ankre benche thakte bhalobashina. (Someone can say this is my false promise...if that being the case, let it be, I am anyway doing well! I donn like to hang on to something just to live.) If u really LOVE sumone set him/her free, if s/he comes back, s/he is urs, if not...then dnt let ur Love die over such an insignificant mistake of someone. Forgive bt nvr forget to continue Loving!Trust me, loved ones do not deserve to b lost in old yellow pages of memory, keep loving u wnt loose anything therefafter!


Prasad said...

Well said Nats..
"It is better to have loved and lost than never to have lost at all"

Incognita said...
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Incognita said...

thanx ajay!! i appreciate we have similar views, gr88 minds think alike!!

still thinking !!! said...

"For me Love is not a person, its a painting with different colors of emotion and I know how to respect and protect that"i loved this like
i got the essense.nicely crafted.shob shomoy je eto refined,artistic hote hobe seta art noi...simply jodi emotion ta ke berkorte para jai setai art
and here you said a truth of life.

Might seem as a source of consolation to some people,but as someone said
"the longest love is the love that is unreturned"