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Monday, December 15, 2008

LOVE!(my comment,xtracted from a frens blog)

I think it has sumthing to do wid hormones. If u r actually talking abt L-O-V-E between two partners and n not betn u n ur parents. c no1 can deny soon after our puberty we all fell for some1 may b opp sex or same sex (doesnt matter any more. rt?). U can laugh n say dats not LOVE but infatuation, but I will say, the height n obsession it gives, nothing more can give u dat height in ur entire life! Thats why ppl strive to get that phase again in their lives. So, we can say, as everything has a time to arrive, Love comes in the same package with puberty. Coz then we have certain bio chemical changes, which triggers certain emotions unknown to us.

Next time u fall in love its either mere attraction or adjustment (that most of us actually agree to do), coz either we dnt want to be alone or wanna b happening, it depends!!! But do we realise, even though d stimulus we at first recieved, which oozed out the love inside out, is no longer with us, but that emotion stays deep in us which is like some kind of a liquid through which we want to look at our second love (or the series if follows). And shower that person with that precious emotion that once oozed for someone else.But all our life till we met some one next, we held this precious liquid close to our heart, which I feel can never regenerate.

LOVE exists, it definitely does, if ppl stop being selfish n frickle, we will witness this presently rare occassion all around us. Actually, we get too many options to choose someone in our life, which brings more confusion in our lives, we just cant help it.
U study in a school u get some1, rely special, then in college u again meet sum 2-3 ppl u r attracted to, then in job or anywhere……but do we really realize the rationale behind it?? If we check the ratio gals r less than the boyz. So, if a gal thinks she is really making boyz go gaga over her then ACTUALLY, statisctic plays the key role( I dnt mean vital stats her, wink!!!).

Looking at these common pictures all around us, dnt judge LOVE, its as eternal as eternity…… makes u complete, don love coz u wanna love, love coz its comes spontaneously to u. Dnt think abt the pros n cons, u think abt consequences and results when u have to sign a deal or get married. When we say “I took this decision”…do we really take it?? NO, innumerable circumstances forces us to tk the very decision, so its not ours . For every action of ours we calculate n if u apply the same theory, for LOVE then u cannot get never get to know what it is. If Radha wud have calculated so much…then her love for Krishna could never have reached the pedestal were we bow our heads. In common sense it was purely extra marital, rt??? No, for them it was a compulsion, a power before which, they can leave the whole world. It was beyond calculation. Its strange, when ppl find anything beyond calculation they either think its weird or pray before it. LOVE is sumthing beyond calculation,definition or scientific explanation just jump in this never ending ocean, it’s a beautiful feeling take my words if u r true n selfless u will never get drowned.


Newton said...

If stats were to decide the quotient of love, then Tagore should not have born! Neither should we!

Prasad said...

I am not sure what you were trying to say here, but I certainly agree with Newt though.
First you say "I think it has sumthing to do wid hormones" later u mention "its as eternal as eternity" which is kinda confusing.

Incognita said...

Dear newt and ajay, thanx for ur comments, u can go thru the blog again, i will really appreciate.made some changes.hope it will make some sense now!

Incognita said...

@ Newton, by the way tagore n we all were born out of passion follwed by some bio chemical reaction n then follwed by simple biology