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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Can we love two persons at a time? If love is immortal and eternal, then how can we love someone else after loving someone for years? Are we like machines, shift+delete (thanx newt!) and the file is deleted forever...and if the files are not deleted then wont it like not loving someone with ALLLL... we have? or is it like loving our school and college...however bad incidents/fights/jealousy might have happened but we all love our school, our college. Same with our family, our parents.....but still we manage to love so many things........its like God has put so much of love in us. But with ALLL.... can we really love someone? So, it is obvious we can love two persons at a time... there can be a moment when one realise that with both these men/women s/he can spend all his/her life with comfort?? But if one really gets someone whom s/he can love with all have...which is actually the true essence of love then s/he will never have to love anyone will make his/her life complete...its just like a perfect fit in a jigsaw puzzle...!! Till then keep on enjoying the apparently fitting ones...wink!!!

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Newton said...

alt+ctrl +delete does not delete a file, in fact it just helps you lock your system-whatever the system is...They say Blood is thicker than water! So thick that some relations are taken as granted for the existance of love! Love may be all around us, but looks to be a very big outfit for me to keep fitting in. :)