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Thursday, November 13, 2008

How much good scores in school matter?

I never scored better, nor did i ever try to...i know, am not a big shot. But thats not any of the reason. Thankfully, i took a decision, a very firm one must say, that i will not mug up, each and every thing in the syllabus. I will study only those I like, rest of them I will just go through once. I will set up my own targets and that definitely should not be any of my classmates aggregate scores. Many of my close ones tried to provoke me about my best and good frens, "see how much they can score, why cant you?" Thats the most familiar statement, which echos to our mind, when we just think about school time results. I promised to myself, I will be happy, with watever my children will score. If they have potentials, I will at best, push them a bit to set up, a 70% target and maintain the standards. It should not matter, how much did the first boy/girl scored. Dont we realise that knowing 70% of any class syllabus is enough for any one, we are not going to remember even 20-30% of the things, as they are not gonna be that useful to our daily/proffessional life. Then why do we really have to eat up thier mind and push them for each and everything.

People now send thier children to school as soon as they turn 2 years. And call it a play school, funny, rt?...and then there is bag, much heavier than thier weight can carry. Too many subjects, and not surprisingly, boringly strict teachers, who actually couldnt do much in thier life, but wants all thier students to be stars.

Now the question is even after this so called glaobalised educational system, why we dont get any (forget many)Eintiens & Newton these days. The answer is simple, because both of them failed too many times in thier school life. Now a days u just cant afford to do so!

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Newton said...

Thanks Natasha for raking up this issue. Sensitive but Important! Neglected but needs attention! Your thoughs well received. I felt compelled to share my own little experience here.

Well, I had the fortune of not being bothered by anyone to be on top till my 10th standard. I never really cared much about syllabus. So I took all my chances to move back and forth on the rollcall register. I always felt unwelcome among the elite toppers, and used to hate it! And for once in my life I had this feeling to be ahead of them. This once I thought I had to prove to myself that I can do it and still never wanted to be a part of that elite. Three months of fun and I got what I wanted.

Then came the sad part. Suddenly I had too many wellwishers and all of them became too conscious abt my wellbeing [:)] and I started receiving unsolicited advices from people who themselves had no clue about my studies. It piched me off (u know what I mean, borrowed the word from a friend)to such an extent that I literally stopped studying for a some time (Off course, I had to come up with different excuses to escape further advice!) Before the exams, I sort of felt that it was time to prove again that I can do it. I had to prove not to others, but to myself as I had realized while proving something to others I am missing out something that I liked to do- studying. After that I never cared about how people judge my abilities...

I hate people who put the burden of thier unfulfilled dreams on thier kids' shoulders. I was lucky not to carry those but I see too many kids going through this nightmare. This whole competetion thing really sucks!!! Even if I hate it, at some point I feel we all get infected by this virus and pass it along, especially to the kids... So I am trying it this way-I want to be my own competetion, fulfill all my dreams myself so that I do not become the burden on sweet little shoulders, if I ever have them :)