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Friday, November 14, 2008


Hey! last night I wrote about the scores in school report cards, and this evening I got an answer. It seems, new age mummys are smart....lemme quote the converstion i heard between a mom and her 7 years old son." Maa I stood second, not bad,say! There is only one guy before me. Dear dont think that way, who is before u...never do even care who scored how much. Just think about the target u wanted to achieve, lets calculate, u r 27 marks behind ur target of 75%, i know the question paper was difficult, but 27 marks is nothing if u were a bit more serious & a bit more of your effort n u could have achieved it!" I was surprised...these are all my words....i smiled at the lady and said, your thoughts are really good, u r actually helping him to set his own targets other than, pushing him into the rat race...... I was smiling again & again at the lady...i just could not believe, wat all i did hear. Over hearing this 5mins conversation actually made my day. I was happy to see things are changing,.... I just talked about sumthing serious yesterday, and this evening I was at ease wont u call it mysteries of life?

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