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Friday, July 3, 2009

Is Sucess a mess?

Too much of speculations, dissections of MJ's career, personality, likings, preferences, sexual orientation, financial condition and then death. I was no different...the whole day I was glued to the TV, just to know wat caused his death.
Since then I am wondering.....what do we want in life..or wats life?
...All our life we ran after success and making money..when we ultimately earn it, we no longer have the age to enjoy it to the fullest. We save one one penny to build a home, so that we dont die in a rented house after retirement.
But think about them who earn too much of money early....can they really enjoy life? MJ, Britney, Merlyn monroe to name a few..does success really go staright into your head and blast it? Or they really did enjoy in thier own terms, did watever they wanted to..n then vanished? Or deep inside thier heart they were loners, distressed and hated success but continued to maintain the celebrity status cause they didnt know anything else or cudnt think about a life beyond?

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