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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


How difficult it is to reconcile or communicate with someone after many years, whom once I called a frend? When I thought about the consequences, it was a strict No No.... I was apprehensive about what would I say? Wat wud be the person's reaction? I didn't want to go thru the same tortures boulevard that I have left behind.

My rational mind was overpowering my conscience......but deep inside someone was saying, 'I shud do it'. And finally after enuf brainstorming..I called him up....Initially the conversation was very formal rather artificial, after Mc.Dowells smooth!!!....The person with whom i didnt want to talk even for 2mins, I talked to him for long 1hr. And the time flew by so fast! I dnt know about him...but for me it was so spontaneous, so if we never parted! The apprehensions, inhibitions were worthless......... Ppl do have difference of opinion and everything comes with an expiry does frenship.....but, its a spark much brighter than Love...If nothing works it does!!....... I know I have spent some wonderful time discussing, arguing things with him...(i dnt remeber if we have ever fought over anything) Learnt so many aspects of life...It has helped me a lot to be wat I m today...........I surely dnt want him back in my life (even tho we were gr8 frens and only frens 2 b precise!) But I will cherish our frenship all my life..................

I believe thats the magic of frenship!!!

Hope our lives be full circles, where ever we are or watever we do. Amen!


still thinking !!! said...

nice thought....I guess some people come and after a point of time it becomes so that they have to leave.But the time spent stays unpempered.Untouched. Memories, fragnances and images painted forever... ...thats life

jewel said...

its a spark much brighter than love!! wonderful..