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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Story of plenty..

Came across a heart wrenching story of a person who is runing away from his childhood...........he doesn't want to cherish anything of it. Nope its not that it wasn't beautiful! Its just that it was in some other country, which he has left behind so many years ago.....he came during an emergency, his life was at threat then.
But now he has become a citizen of India, leaving everything including his family back at his native land. He just completely wants to forget that he was never born here, he hates to recall the memories of his childhood frens, playing in his mother's lap. As those sweet memories haunt him and he wants to get rid of them. Because he knows he can never go back to his family. Its a defence he is trying to put in his mind, so that it pains less. As he knows, he had been marooned to this foreign land for all his life!
He used to visit his home town once in a year, and his dad never used to go out of home, thinking if anyone asks him about his son's where about, how will he lie?
He enjoyed being with his family but his Dad used to be so dead nervous, as if a criminal and has taking shelter in their home.
He was a kid when he was forced to stay away from his home & family. It was rather his Dad's decision to send him to a foreign land, but when he came , because of emergency, he didnt get any passport or Visa. Thats was his only fault, may b even to survive a kid needs a passport or visa.

Then at one point of time he stopped visiting them. His Dad was now a renowned person in their city. He wanted to be with his family but couldnt be with them because of their inhibitions. Now all on a sudden his Dad expired...he cudnt go and visit his dad in his last days, cudnt perform his funeral rites because he was not given the Visa...He told me, 'I was too exhausted and concerned to get the Visa, so cudnt think much about my Dad...' he said, he doesnt feel the vaccum, somehow he has manged to be disassociate with the whole lose! In his own words "the pain cudnt penetrate me."

He seems to be at peace now, coz his family has decided to shift to some other city..........May be now he can manage to go often to his birth land and visit his family.

I was just wondering how these international borders, internal wars, communal riots have changed the lives of so many people around the globe....wars do get over but their impact never seems to die! :(

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