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Friday, July 3, 2009

MJ's Aaoo or Ouch!

Was wondering how difficult is the life of a celebrity.. let alone living, people do not let them die widout speculations or rest their soul in peace..
Still cant believe MJ is no came as a blow to me, though i was not a die hard fan of him but dunno why....! I have some strong childhood memories surrounding him (thanx to my chorda!)I remember, He was the kid when asked about his aim in life, said i want to b white. And yes he did it!!! He is kid who paved the way for the world to accept Obama as the Prez of America.He became a white from all possible ways...from complexion to wealth, status, fame he had all the whites cud enjoy then.

But the most ironical part in India a 140 years old act got amended challenging religious outrages on the ground of personal liberty and privacy! And here am sitting at home reading about the details of every scar on MJ's body that he had because of his much hyped plastic surgeries!!
Its unfair, to open his life like a book before the public and let each of us mis/interprete every line in our own way...tear the pages and make comments about his personal life.

Its sad when its overly written about his sexual experiences wid his own wives. It was shocking to know that he divorced Lisa cause she was not willing to conceive. He then married Debbie Rowe to conceive not his kids but the kids whom he can call his own. Once the kids were wid him, Debbie divorced him and gave full custody of the children to him and left from his life. We all can understand may be it was a deal........ may b he wasn't capable but he loved kids and wanted to be a Dad! But its not a crime, and he didn't do anything illegal...he just never wanted anyone to know all about it!........But now......we all know, cause we think its our right to poke our nose on a celebrity's private life!

Michael Jackson was a shy person extremely self-conscious about his body due to all the scars he had from surgeries and was humiliated when police forced him to submit to a nude examination and he actually never emotionally recovered from the child molestation charges that surfaced against him in 1993. We all know the case was settled out of court, but the media rarely tells us, that the claim was found to be false, especially for which he was humiliated.

How does it matter if he was a loner,( can we being his die hard fans...cud help him to over come it?) distressed, not happy wid his looks, extravagant, have unusual preferences or beliefs(like he can fly like peter pan)in debt, have strange charges on it absolutely doesnt matter!! For We love him for his music and however wacko our Jacko is, he will always live in our heart till world comes to an end. LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!

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jewel said...

He was my teenage.he will always be remembered for the legen that he was and will always rule in our heart...finally he walked away to moon...