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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New dimension of male dominance!

Aha!! got a new theory of my classmate bought a saree for his mom(puja shopping), he took an extra step to buy matching essential accessories with it! I was happy to know that he is so caring and warm to do such a sweet thing!! Then I asked him about the color and he said its of light beige shade. I knew he is from a small town, where people usually prefer wearing brighter shades(i dont mean loud)..I asked him, why did u go for that color? He replied, coz his mom is quite old, I was just curious to know her age. To my shock he said she is 40-43 years........!!Oh my GODDDD!!!.....I said 43 is not an age to wear a beige saree!! Now he bombarded me with his strange it goes, He is having an affair and he wants to get married by next 3 years, and he wont like, if his mom wears a bright saree, like his wife! His exact lines were, "cheler bou'er samne deep rong pora seta ki manansoi hobe?" I just cudnt believe my ears.......I just got so irritated that I wanted to argue with him.......but then i thot theres no point!!

Men will always be men!...Pehle, Baap ki suno, phir bhai bara ho to uski suno, phir pati ki aur sasural walon ki suno, then phir BETE ki suno!! This is a vicious cycle....All u have to do is iski uski sunte hi jaao!!..........
I am still feeling so disgusted!! I beleive we women bring all these problems to ourself by just being submissive!
I believe, m blessed, as almost never had to go through all these, my sister had some inconvenience but I was always lucky to get away from all these! And I believe now my frend and family understands that I am fully aware, where what to wear and what to do and say...!! Uuff!!.........Thank u God!

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