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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I have done a very difficult task few days back! I have forgiven some one, which is actually very odd in my case, coz am unbelievably vindictive! But after doing that, it seems i was holding a big stupid file in my shelf which consumed too much space! I am not feeling good neither very relaxed, The moment I told him, I forgive u for all that u did to me, I felt so disassociated with him, as if then and there we became strangers! As if nothing can effect me about him!
We had a long two hours conversation where we discussed about the ppl who contibuted to our soured relationship! As if we were re-reading an old suspense thriller, we both know about the murder(s) just forgot a few pages or lines and just discussing them now....all futile!
He was a very old chum of mine, we were so close, and then things were messed up!I met him after long 4.6 years........ Initially the conversation was difficult to take off, then it was cool.......but once I uttered the words I forgive u..I could visiualise, as if he is moving far far far away from me and merging with the horizon!

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