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Monday, September 7, 2009

The PINK stole in the GREEN hills!

Its raining incessantly for the last three days....its irritating, sloggy, muddy, gloomy boring all around!! :( I am hating this Shohure brishti (rain in the cities)..I remember when we were in Shillong, it used to rain any time and everytime of the year, but i liked everything about it!! even though I was a kid and never allowed to go out n play....but it was a pleasure watching the rain!

For the last few days , it seems am physically present in this city of Joy(kana cheler naam padma lochon) but my mind is flying high with the moisten winds of some hills...far far away from the city...I can feel the cloudlets passing by, I can percieve the deep green hill tops, playing peek a boo with the veil of fog and clouds! And I am...running along the twisted trailing roads wearing a bright pink stole!!

I feel I dont belong to this city....I never did! People say life is gloomy and boring in the hills, theres no life! I wanna question them, then where is life? Is it in the hypocrate hussle bustle or aritificial trance of discotheques or in the tall skyscrappers standing amidst the pollution or in the glowing billboards of the malls?? or in some resort, whose land has been snatched from some poor farmers? Its like laughing aloud in a laughing club!! where all are laughing with no meaning, but to save our physical heart!!....

But, people who have seen cheerful school going children of the hills, untouched from the corruption of the advanced world, waving at every passer by with a smile.......and have felt why do they do so...will never have to attend a laughing club!

"For often, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon THAT INWARD EYE
And then my heart with pleasure fills
And dances with the daffodils." (Wordsworth's Daffodils)


still thinking !!! said...
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still thinking !!! said...

I so like it..
You spoke my words.
Things I keep thinking about things that are hidden in poems I write,
but never open up..
you made it easy for me
...spelt it out